Monday, June 18, 2012

Red's New Spiritual Website

Heads Up Friends and Fans,

Red Jordan Arobateau now has a new Spiritual Website dedicated to his semi-spiritual/spiritual writings mainly thru his Journals, which nobody knows about, plus they do not contain the filthy nasty nogood low down trash as can be found in some of his novels, collections!  This website has spiritual quotes from his journals, and other info.


I believe this is the address, if it isn't I'll post another blog.

PS, all his Journals are available from, at $8 apiece, or free if you are on their program.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mo' on Storme!

Likes the pix on this link better.

Mr. Storme Delarverie -- Red’s Blog:

Red’s Blog, Re: Mr. Storme Delarverie

Hey Listen Up! Stumbled across this in my Unofficial Semi-Autobiography AUTUMN CHANGES, which am editing the whole dang thing fer’ Amazon ebook:

1954. Every year they came to town.--Sometimes twice. That illicit ad the queer 11 year old spied in the movie/entertainment section of the newspaper. Chicago Tribune. The Jewel Box Review. Featuring it's two dozen transsexual women resplendent in gowns, jewelry, hair straightened or wigs piled high on their heads. And one man--Mr. Storme Delarverie --featured as the only male among 24 women who acted as MC and chivalrously escorted the giant ladies back & forth across the stage. This was the only gay thing to be seen in any newspaper or media anywhere. His eyes feasted on this.--It was just one of two few pieces of information about the puzzle of who he was, that he could find.

Thats all fer' now folks! Red This is the intellectual property of Red Jordan Arobateau. His books may be found on ebook,, and other sites!

Monday, April 16, 2012


I yelled, I screamed, I balled up my fists & stomped like a tiny child.
I got jealous @ people higher up with more privilege then me.
Little did I realize that being low was a privilege.

Tuesday, March 13, 2PM
In every church & every synagogue and probably mosques—there is the same hell. I don’t want people to delude themselves upon reading the machinations of the political processes, the business processes & the inter-personnel process of that esteemed G, to believe it is a corrupt cesspool apart from all the other corrupt cesspools whither great/small of all the religious institutions in all the towns and all the cities on this planet! The church/synagogue/mosque is a human construction—inspired by the Eternal, but falling far short of its highest ideals!

It is a good thing I learned this lesson so I can pass it on to you and you and you! As a tiny child I was so disillusioned by the hypocrisy of Lincoln Memorial Congregational Church right by St. Lawrence avenue, where I grew up—because they had a pedophile on their church staff, and also, other church staff saw my suffering at the hands of my mad mother in our home, but did nothing to intervene; my pain was so great that as a 10 or 11 year old I declared: I don’t believe in God! And held by this belief or lack of one for 25 years. Then I’d discovered God. I discovered God by a process of events---which you all know by now—and there in East Bay Metropolitan Community Church, was ensconced in the pews under the armpit of the Devine once again, thankfully. After 15 years service and seeing one backslap and after another, one bit of gossip, one cut-throat laying out in the aisles, I left. I went here and there fulfilling my duties to churches & shuls, not delving into their politics. I did not loose my faith in God(ess) which I now firmly held.

Then I arrived like a shipwrecked sailor with no boat on the granite steps of that lofty Grace Cathedral. God was served by me there, and is continuing. My belief in Her/Him no longer shaken by what humans do in Her name.

This is the lesson which we must remind ourselves over and over—don’t throw the baby out w/the bathwater! Do not allow your disillusionment with churchanity cause a weakening of your faith! God the Eternal is the same, and stays the same from generation to generation—no matter how much muck and mire is slung around!

Whither little gossips or higher ones, God still reigns, the church/mosque/shul still must be served—as it is a teaching tool for the young, a mainstay of the heart of the old, and a life-lengthening process for everyone inbetween!

I want to build your faith Dear Children, despite all obstacles.

Well, that said on to the gossip!

This excerpt from my current Journal, now available online; LA VIDA.
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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Boys' Night Out is Here!

One of my bestsellers "Boys' Night Out" - a collection of 6 short stories - now available on eBook @Amazon Kindle Store, click here.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Ah, the Power of a Dress & High Heels!

Look what I just found in my current Journal, La Vida:

J Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI in the 50’s was a debauched gay man living deep in the closet. He was not a upstanding, clean gay man sitting hand & hand w/his male lover in church/synagogue, but a sewer rat degenerated homosexual having multiple sex couplings w/handsome youths in bed all at the same time; drunk, maybe high on drugs, in a lifestyle that was not a brief slipup, but a lifestyle. He was closeted—as those times demanded. When the Italian mafia procured a pix of him in a dress & high heels, they knew that had a cap on billion dollar profit—they blackmailed the FBI director into silence, so they could continue their operations in the US and Cuba with impunity. It is no wonder then looking back that the mafia could not be stopped in its flourishing crime empire, while J Edgar prosecuted beatniks and low-level marijuana smokers to the hilt. The mafia had Cuba in their sights as a pleasure palace for affluent America—loaded w/gambling & prostitution, and some drugs, (although the syndicate was not in the drug business in any great amount in those days—scorning it as something bestial that only ‘Negroes’ did). The mafia was set to built resorts on Cuban soil and degrade its local population to work on the cheap as croupiers, card dealers, prostitutes, naked show people, etc. The syndicate did not count on a revolution. It did not count on comrade Fidel Castro relentlessly fighting back the forces of his own people’s puppet police army in the pay of the United States Of America—it did not count on the Cuban people siding with Castro, and upon his victory—driving Americans off of Cuban soil and the mafia with their suitcases full of casino & brothel blueprints sent packing.

Ah, the power of a dress & high heels!

God don’t dis shit make yuh mad!

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Red & Anna Deavere Smith.

Pix of Anna Deavere Smith & Dalila Jasmin, fabu bellydancer and friend to Red for 25 years!

Here is me & actress, playwright Anna Deavere Smith @ Grace Cathedral after her play MY GRACE in which one of the characters that appears is her acting ME! Complete w/cane & cap!

Well I hope you all go to ebook & look over my list of 54 books--many of them are free reading for the next 2 weeks on the Amazon Prime program.

Just entered my way-fabu novel NEARNESS OF YOU/SORROW OF THE MADONNA, check it out!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Red Reads @ Black LGBT Event This Friday!

News Flash! Red will be reading & showing some of his art @ Black LGBT History Event; Friday, Feb 10 @ 2278 Market Street @ Noe, 6-9. Food & Fun. Free event!


Just Tweeted that my ebooks are all on Amazons FREE reading library--for 1 month! that's right! You can read any of my declasse, schanchelous novels/short stories for all of this month ONLY! Now lets see if I go broke taking this Giant Leap!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Red Interviewed By Anna Deavere Smith @ Grace!

Hi fans & friends,

didja know me, Red, was interviewed by Nurse Jackie---yes-- Anna Deavere Smith, actress & TV regular, up @ Grace Cathedral this weekend! Maybe she will turn the interview into one of her fabulous characters--as fabulous as the Real Red!

Buy My Boook! ---There's 53 of 'em on Amazon ebook--Cheepo!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Arrruuugh! BUY MY BOOK!

Am slogging thru this life like the Russian troops defending Stalingrad in WW2, Arrruuugh!

Nothing more to say today, but, BUY  MY BOOK!

Monday, January 2, 2012

AUTUMN CHANGES —The Immaculate Transgender Red’s Semi-Autobiography AUTUMN CHANGES Part #4 is now on ebook!

AUTUMN CHANGES —The Immaculate Transgender

Red’s Semi-Autobiography AUTUMN CHANGES Part #4 is now on ebook!

AUTUMN CHANGES —My Unofficial Semi-Autobiography progresses.  As you may know this long, 1,400 page work is published in 5 volumes.  (Part 5 is a short Epilogue.)  AUTUMN CHANGES #1 has been up on ebook for some time & has sold in hardcopy for several years.  Well Dear Readers AUTUMN CHANGES #4 is now an ebook.  So you can read parts #1 and #4 on ebook Cheap!  Part #4 is some of the finest writing I have done. 

Unlike my novels for instance the lengthy plot-driven STAGE DOOR divided into 4 parts, best read sequentially, this semi-autobiographical AUTUMN CHANGES naturally meanders back and forth between the past, and present days—so it does not have to be read in order to be appreciated.  Parts #2, #3, and the Epilogue can be purchased in hardback on Amazon, or thru

Here are some quotes:

AC-4 is some of my best writing.  I’ve hit the bar w/this!  My highest achievement barre.  Said what I need to, politically, artistically, sexually. 


Wasn't that his purpose in life? His Raison de EtrĂ©?  ‑‑Was he not one of those important historians and prophets; painters and poets, all documenting each in their own way, the steps a nation takes towards a holocaust?  To sense, feel, anticipate, predict, be sensitive to current affairs‑‑the new growing proportions of fascism in AmeriKKKa circa 2001‑2003, and tho there may be nothing they can do but to warn, to document, and, after it's all done, to recall the hell‑‑they must do that!  Do that!  As if their life’s blood depended on it!


Within the body of Professor Turnip, all the sexes‑along the axes from female to male - and everything in between - are fused into one true glowing example of the Immaculate Transgender.  Each trait of man & woman is codified, then expressed by alternate mannerisms of‑the professor.  All compactly stored within blood, bone, cell, hair follicle, attitude, demeanor, and ready to radiate out to the public in total diversity.  This, all condensed into one person! In a stunning array.  So that all who gaze upon him‑her, despite all their degrees, doctorates, thesis’s, literary prizes, dissertations; all their fine cogitations have been dumbfounded!

If ever a biography/autobiography of The Turn-Rup is written, this should be its dedication page or title:  The Immaculate Transgender.

All material copyrighted by Red Jordan Arobateau. 2011.
Excerpts from his ongoing Journals.
(See to get a copy or read some of it for free on Google.) 
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Photo illustration by Shaun Roberts