Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mo' on Storme!

Likes the pix on this link better.

Mr. Storme Delarverie -- Red’s Blog:

Red’s Blog, Re: Mr. Storme Delarverie

Hey Listen Up! Stumbled across this in my Unofficial Semi-Autobiography AUTUMN CHANGES, which am editing the whole dang thing fer’ Amazon ebook:

1954. Every year they came to town.--Sometimes twice. That illicit ad the queer 11 year old spied in the movie/entertainment section of the newspaper. Chicago Tribune. The Jewel Box Review. Featuring it's two dozen transsexual women resplendent in gowns, jewelry, hair straightened or wigs piled high on their heads. And one man--Mr. Storme Delarverie --featured as the only male among 24 women who acted as MC and chivalrously escorted the giant ladies back & forth across the stage. This was the only gay thing to be seen in any newspaper or media anywhere. His eyes feasted on this.--It was just one of two few pieces of information about the puzzle of who he was, that he could find.

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