Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Poetry Now Online!


Hi world—Did you know Red Jordan wrote poetry for 20 years?  Starting in 1958, to about 1978, he wrote over 800 poems!

His: COLLECTED POEMS –Vol 1, has just been released on Amazon kindle ebook, and on—hardcopy.

Take a look!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I compare America to a homeowner who has sold their house off piece by piece. S/he built a large lovely house w/all facilities, and lived in it for a while.  Many came as guests, and marveled @ the house both interior/exterior.  One day the neighbors saw to their surprise the homeowner out front w/several blankets on the on their front lawn upon which were many faucet fixtures of great value.  They came to watch the proceding yard sale.  One neighbor asked to use the facilities indoors—and s/he came out soon, very perplexed:


Sir-Madame you don’t have any faucet handles!  What has happened!  I looked in all the bathrooms, and the kitchen sink too!


Yes I have faucet handles—here they are!  Out here in the yard for sale!


The following week doors appeared, laid outside on the blanket, then window frames.  Then copper tubing---soon it was apparent the foolish homeowner was selling off their house piecemeal!


Nothing will be left of this superb house—because this foolish homeowner has lost his-her mind!  The neighbors declared.


S/he has sold off her educational system, is in the process of destroying her middleclass.  Has all but murdered her senior poor, & is selling out her children.  Oh America!  Haven’t you learned from other fallen Empires?


--From I AM A SOUL; by Red Jordan Arobateau