Monday, May 11, 2009

My New Art Retrospect is Done!! STATEMENT OF THE ART

Hello Fans & Friends!

Am pleased to announce my new art retrospect--STATEMENT OF THE ART, 2nd Retrospect of My Fine Arts Painting is now done, and available to preview for free and to buy on

This book is similar to the 1st Retrospect. The art text accompanies 18 new paintings with expertly rendered images. Some find the text of great interest, others enjoy the paintings more; and in these Retrospects you get both.

Thanks for taking a look!

Go to and type in Red Jordan Arobateau to search.

PS all images in these books are available (or will be shortly) to view and purchase here at


Friday, May 8, 2009

My 2nd Art Retrospect Done!

Hello World;

My 2nd Art Retrospect--STATEMENT OF THE ART--is now done, and swimming thru the channels, so that all can look at on line--even buy a copy! It has my recent oil/acrylic paintings plus a new text. Retrospect #1 is already on blurb. Will notify when it is available.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Red's Latest

Hello Friends,

have just entered a new chapbook on my print-on-demand publisher; This latest chapbook is titled Illuminations--part 3. Or at least it was suppose to be that---however in my great panic to get the damn thing entered--in a measured amount of Internet time available at some wretched facility--I MISSPELLED THE TITLE! So look for Iluminations--part 3. You can read some of it for free in the preview.