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AUTUMN CHANGES —The Immaculate Transgender Red’s Semi-Autobiography AUTUMN CHANGES Part #4 is now on ebook!

AUTUMN CHANGES —The Immaculate Transgender

Red’s Semi-Autobiography AUTUMN CHANGES Part #4 is now on ebook!

AUTUMN CHANGES —My Unofficial Semi-Autobiography progresses.  As you may know this long, 1,400 page work is published in 5 volumes.  (Part 5 is a short Epilogue.)  AUTUMN CHANGES #1 has been up on ebook for some time & has sold in hardcopy for several years.  Well Dear Readers AUTUMN CHANGES #4 is now an ebook.  So you can read parts #1 and #4 on ebook Cheap!  Part #4 is some of the finest writing I have done. 

Unlike my novels for instance the lengthy plot-driven STAGE DOOR divided into 4 parts, best read sequentially, this semi-autobiographical AUTUMN CHANGES naturally meanders back and forth between the past, and present days—so it does not have to be read in order to be appreciated.  Parts #2, #3, and the Epilogue can be purchased in hardback on Amazon, or thru

Here are some quotes:

AC-4 is some of my best writing.  I’ve hit the bar w/this!  My highest achievement barre.  Said what I need to, politically, artistically, sexually. 


Wasn't that his purpose in life? His Raison de Etré?  ‑‑Was he not one of those important historians and prophets; painters and poets, all documenting each in their own way, the steps a nation takes towards a holocaust?  To sense, feel, anticipate, predict, be sensitive to current affairs‑‑the new growing proportions of fascism in AmeriKKKa circa 2001‑2003, and tho there may be nothing they can do but to warn, to document, and, after it's all done, to recall the hell‑‑they must do that!  Do that!  As if their life’s blood depended on it!


Within the body of Professor Turnip, all the sexes‑along the axes from female to male - and everything in between - are fused into one true glowing example of the Immaculate Transgender.  Each trait of man & woman is codified, then expressed by alternate mannerisms of‑the professor.  All compactly stored within blood, bone, cell, hair follicle, attitude, demeanor, and ready to radiate out to the public in total diversity.  This, all condensed into one person! In a stunning array.  So that all who gaze upon him‑her, despite all their degrees, doctorates, thesis’s, literary prizes, dissertations; all their fine cogitations have been dumbfounded!

If ever a biography/autobiography of The Turn-Rup is written, this should be its dedication page or title:  The Immaculate Transgender.

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