Saturday, March 31, 2012

Boys' Night Out is Here!

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Ah, the Power of a Dress & High Heels!

Look what I just found in my current Journal, La Vida:

J Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI in the 50’s was a debauched gay man living deep in the closet. He was not a upstanding, clean gay man sitting hand & hand w/his male lover in church/synagogue, but a sewer rat degenerated homosexual having multiple sex couplings w/handsome youths in bed all at the same time; drunk, maybe high on drugs, in a lifestyle that was not a brief slipup, but a lifestyle. He was closeted—as those times demanded. When the Italian mafia procured a pix of him in a dress & high heels, they knew that had a cap on billion dollar profit—they blackmailed the FBI director into silence, so they could continue their operations in the US and Cuba with impunity. It is no wonder then looking back that the mafia could not be stopped in its flourishing crime empire, while J Edgar prosecuted beatniks and low-level marijuana smokers to the hilt. The mafia had Cuba in their sights as a pleasure palace for affluent America—loaded w/gambling & prostitution, and some drugs, (although the syndicate was not in the drug business in any great amount in those days—scorning it as something bestial that only ‘Negroes’ did). The mafia was set to built resorts on Cuban soil and degrade its local population to work on the cheap as croupiers, card dealers, prostitutes, naked show people, etc. The syndicate did not count on a revolution. It did not count on comrade Fidel Castro relentlessly fighting back the forces of his own people’s puppet police army in the pay of the United States Of America—it did not count on the Cuban people siding with Castro, and upon his victory—driving Americans off of Cuban soil and the mafia with their suitcases full of casino & brothel blueprints sent packing.

Ah, the power of a dress & high heels!

God don’t dis shit make yuh mad!

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