Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Out Of Hospital!

Dear Readers

as some of you might know, have been in hospital, then back out, then back in, then in again, and now out!!!!

Am full of meds and oozing about town in a daze like a plhatmosgoric entity--whatever that is. Check out my latest books on ongoing Journal. Here are some titles:

Days Before The Yoke
In Paradise!
Sacred Journey

We had a great reading last nite @ Brother Tracy Jones deal, and was good to see folks there. I read from my way-fabu poems, including I LOOK LIKE THE MASTER RACE, yes Dear Children--a Race Poem. I also read from my previous blog--PIES!!!!! concerning the kkkapitalist konstruct in thinly veiled symbolism--them pies--I also had a big paper shopping bag in which I hoped the audience would put money--but nobody took the bait!!!!!!!! rats!!!

Nothing more to report, am busy working writing, but can't get it together to paint for a while. See you all soon.

Oh, this thru the fog of my brain, Brother Aaron Lawrence is having a SOLO show @ Space in May was it? And he will fill up the whole place!

John Felix Arnold is soon having a show--in SF this time, at Queens Nails I believe.

David Young V is going crazy prepering for his Whitewalls show--or Shooting Gallery or somethihng, but not in gallery 3 as his last 2 shows there have been. Saw a great work in process by him @ Tracy Jones and I'm sure we will see more of the same.

Megan Wolfe is having a SOLO show soon--will report more on this later. Dear Meg helped me do my laundry several times! --w/coffee which is the best way, especailly since she payed for it!

Aurrrrgh! Gotta get back to painting!!!!! My painting brain hemsphere is not pleased w/this absance from the canvas!

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Over & out,


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