Monday, April 16, 2012


I yelled, I screamed, I balled up my fists & stomped like a tiny child.
I got jealous @ people higher up with more privilege then me.
Little did I realize that being low was a privilege.

Tuesday, March 13, 2PM
In every church & every synagogue and probably mosques—there is the same hell. I don’t want people to delude themselves upon reading the machinations of the political processes, the business processes & the inter-personnel process of that esteemed G, to believe it is a corrupt cesspool apart from all the other corrupt cesspools whither great/small of all the religious institutions in all the towns and all the cities on this planet! The church/synagogue/mosque is a human construction—inspired by the Eternal, but falling far short of its highest ideals!

It is a good thing I learned this lesson so I can pass it on to you and you and you! As a tiny child I was so disillusioned by the hypocrisy of Lincoln Memorial Congregational Church right by St. Lawrence avenue, where I grew up—because they had a pedophile on their church staff, and also, other church staff saw my suffering at the hands of my mad mother in our home, but did nothing to intervene; my pain was so great that as a 10 or 11 year old I declared: I don’t believe in God! And held by this belief or lack of one for 25 years. Then I’d discovered God. I discovered God by a process of events---which you all know by now—and there in East Bay Metropolitan Community Church, was ensconced in the pews under the armpit of the Devine once again, thankfully. After 15 years service and seeing one backslap and after another, one bit of gossip, one cut-throat laying out in the aisles, I left. I went here and there fulfilling my duties to churches & shuls, not delving into their politics. I did not loose my faith in God(ess) which I now firmly held.

Then I arrived like a shipwrecked sailor with no boat on the granite steps of that lofty Grace Cathedral. God was served by me there, and is continuing. My belief in Her/Him no longer shaken by what humans do in Her name.

This is the lesson which we must remind ourselves over and over—don’t throw the baby out w/the bathwater! Do not allow your disillusionment with churchanity cause a weakening of your faith! God the Eternal is the same, and stays the same from generation to generation—no matter how much muck and mire is slung around!

Whither little gossips or higher ones, God still reigns, the church/mosque/shul still must be served—as it is a teaching tool for the young, a mainstay of the heart of the old, and a life-lengthening process for everyone inbetween!

I want to build your faith Dear Children, despite all obstacles.

Well, that said on to the gossip!

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