Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Latest RipOff!

The Latest RipOff!

Lifelong neglect wears down the most brilliant spirit.
--Garbagecan Sally, circa 1979

I have fought for a seat @ the table & now their taking away the table.

Aw shiet! Just got this email from;—Amazon Advantage Program--Where I sell my lousy little books on line!!!!!!!! AURRRGHHHH!

For well over a decade, the Amazon Associates Program has worked with thousands of California residents. Unfortunately, a potential new law that may be signed by Governor Brown compels us to terminate this program for California-based participants. It specifically imposes the collection of taxes from consumers on sales by online retailers (including RED JORDAN AROBATEAU!!!!!!!!)

This means all my carefull book presentation over Amazon will disappear! AURGH! Been building that site fo’ ten years! AURRGH!!!

Nothing more to say for now! Heads up Dear Children! KKKapitalism is encroaching upon—in the form of Socialism now! A wolf in sheeps clothing! Stealing the pennies—and I do mean pennies of revenue from the poor!!!!! Aurrrgh!!!!

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